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In the developing world, the increase in population is paralleled by increased incidences of loss of lives and livelihood due to natural calamities and human conflicts, such as floods, tsunamis, earthquakes, famines, cyclones, or major climatic damages. In the recent years, we also see increased terror activities. As a consequence, people are rendered homeless and need immediate relief and long term rehabilitation. HEART is committed to respond to such emergencies around the world, through our own programmes as well as in cooperation with partner agencies. HEART’s focus on emergency help, relief & redevelopment is steadfast, after an emergency situation..

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    HEART is a team of dedicated doctors and health care workers, social activists, professionals, philanthropists, students and various volunteers with an objective to serve humanity and people suffering in the aftermath of a natural calamity.

    We work for the afflicted people especially women children and the sick, while providing Emergency health care and relief, education and long-term economic rehabilitation. You can be one of us as well. Do extend your support.

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